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For locksmiths in Wrexham come to us. We are experienced locksmiths fully qualified to handle all types of locks quickly and efficiently at a great price. If you need locksmiths in Wrexham please phone us now.
17th September 2019

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Locksmiths Deeside and Chester

Posted by Bryn Lloyd Jones on Monday, June 15, 2015,
Whatever your locksmiths problem be it in Deeside, Chester or the Wrexham areas then we can help. Based in Wrexham we offer a comprehensive locksmths service throughout Wrexham, Chester, Deeside, Ellesmere Port, Mold and Oswestry areas. We can get to you quickly, tell you when we're likely to arrive and we can handle all types of domestic or commercial locksmiths problems. Please view the rest of this site for details or phone my mobile, no matter what your locksmiths needs may be - mobile: 0...
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Locksmiths Deeside and Chester.

Posted by Bryn Lloyd Jones on Friday, September 12, 2014,
Deeside is easily accessible from all parts of North Wales. As a local emergency locksmiths we are able to get to the Deeside and Chester areas quickly, offering a fast efficient locksmiths service for all types of locksmiths problems. If you need a locksmiths within the Deeside or Chester areas quickly, then please view the rest of this site for details of our comprehensive service or ring my mobile number now. I'll be able to give you an expected time of arrival over the phone and I'm never...
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Locksmiths Deeside and Chester.

Posted by Bryn Lloyd Jones on Friday, April 11, 2014,
Regular readers to our blogs will know that recently we have been talking about the differences between locksmiths, mainly in Wrexham. Today we are going to talk about Deeside, an area that we provide locksmiths services for on a regular basis. Whilst there are not as many locksmiths covering the Deeside area, some national companies still portray themselves as being a local company in Deeside, just as they do everywhere else. This is not necessarily the case, and as many people prefer to dea...
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Locksmiths Wrexham and Chester

I am a self employed locksmith who lives in Wrexham and has lived in the area all my life. I am therefore familiar with the areas of Wrexham, Chester, Deeside, Ellesmere Port and Oswestry and I don't need a sat nav to get me there. I'm on call 24 hours a day and offer a high quality emergency locksmith service at an excellent price. I'm not part of a national company and I am one of the few locksmiths in North Wales to receive the prestigious level 3 NCFE National Accreditation. I am also part of the Construction Skills Certification scheme. As a small business I fall below the VAT threshold and therefore don't charge VAT - saving you 20% compared to large national companies.