In previous blogs we have been looking at the development of locks and locksmiths in Wrexham over the years. Locks in Wrexham and the development of locksmiths as a profession in the UK developed in the 19th century. A burglary at the dockyard in Portsmouth triggered the British Government to announce a competition for someone to develop a lock that could only be opened with its own key. It was won by Chubb with the Chubb detector lock. Chubb, of course, became a large brand name in the lock and security industry. With the advent of locks came locksmiths and locksmiths have been around here in Wrexham as well as the rest of the UK since then. As far as modern locksmiths services in Wrexham are concerned we offer a fast efficient emergency locksmiths service throughout Wrexham, Oswestry, Chester, Ellesmere Port, Deeside and Mold. Please view the rest of this site whatever your locksmiths needs, we’d be happy to help.